The Aktiv-Med clinic provides you with comprehensive physiotherapy with particular emphasis on the physiotherapy of women in the perinatal period and urogynecological therapy.

You will also find help in musculoskeletal, neuromuscular and joint ailments of various origins and severity.

I invite people of all ages (including children and adolescents). It is the place where you can take care of yourself prophylactically - using massage, physiotherapy or physiotherapy consultation. I encourage all of you to periodically (at least once every few months) check-up at a physiotherapist, just like we do at a doctor's, to monitor your physical fitness on an ongoing basis. Such behavior bodes well for the comfort of life in his third decade.

The clinic will also help patients who require rehabilitation in ailments, diseases, after injuries and operations. Using a wide range of services, I will adjust the therapy individually to each patient, treating him as a whole. This guarantees effective treatment. At the same time, I am asking for patience, systematicity and trust, because the therapy, depending on the severity of the ailments, may take longer.

I guarantee professionalism, full commitment and therapy in a comfortable interior and a friendly atmosphere.

I cordially invite you,

Katarzyna Pruchniak

Master of Physiotherapy