Physiotherapy consists of:

  • kinesiotherapy (movement therapy, exercises)
  • massage
  • physical therapy (e.g. magnetotherapy, laser, kinesiotaping, hydrotherapy)

At the Aktiv-Med clinic, I use massage, kinesiotherapy and kinesiotaping, and describe them as 'physiotherapy'.

The aim of physiotherapy is to: • develop • maintain • restore maximum fitness and improve the functioning of the body throughout life. Physiotherapy is provided in situations where movement and function are compromised by aging, trauma, pain, disease, disorders, conditions, or environmental factors.

Kinesiotherapy (movement therapy, exercises) consists in teaching the patient exercises that are tailored specifically to him so that he can move more efficiently by strengthening the weakened muscles. The advantage of individual exercises is learning how to breathe properly, which guarantees saving energy during exercise. Mastering the positioning of the gymnastics makes the exercises painless. Graduating difficulties under the supervision of a physiotherapist gives a sense of security and diversifies the training. The advantage of exercise is also body shaping, which is so important for our appearance and well-being. Becoming familiar with "correct movement" allows you to enjoy exercise. Strengthening weakened muscles not only reduces pain - it allows you to return to your favorite physical activity or discover it in yourself.

Please take casual sports clothes and extra shoes for the exercises.