Perinatal physiotherapy

You should prepare yourself properly for pregnancy. At least a few months before the planned pregnancy, it is worth taking care of your physical fitness and well-being. A perinatal rehabilitation specialist is a physiotherapist who will plan an individual action plan for each of you (massage, exercises, stretching) to prepare for being a mother.

Pregnancy is a special period in a woman's life both physically and emotionally. Putting on weight shifts your body's center of gravity. It adversely affects the joints and muscles, disturbs the statics, and makes it difficult to move freely. The most common ailments in pregnancy include: back pain, pelvic pain, pubic symphysis, sacroiliac joints, pear-shaped muscle syndrome, sciatica, limb edema, carpal tunnel, stress urinary incontinence.

A physiotherapist in perinatal rehabilitation diagnoses and soothes ailments using individual exercises, massage and kinesiotaping. It is he who accompanies you throughout your pregnancy, by monitoring it, it relaxes and strengthens your body so that it can adapt to these temporary changes. Be healthy, fit and happy during your pregnancy. Enjoy this wonderful time and provide your baby with a cozy and comfortable shelter for 9 months.



The first postpartum visit to the perinatal physiotherapist should take place 6-8 weeks after the baby is born. If you have any doubts before this time, please contact me by phone. If necessary, I will be happy to provide advice by phone: +48 516-905-445.

Postpartum rehabilitation after natural delivery and cesarean section significantly accelerates and facilitates regeneration in the internal systems and organs of a woman, changed by pregnancy and childbirth. Prevents and treats complications close and distant of the perinatal period: urinary incontinence NM, gas incontinence NG, stool incontinence NS, statics of the reproductive organ POP, dyspaurenia (pain during intercourse), rectus abdominal muscle DRA, scars.