Urogynecological physiotherapy

Urogynecological physiotherapy is a fairly new field of physiotherapy. Adjusted individually to the patient brings very good results. It is used by both women and men. It is worth undertaking rehabilitation as early as possible to avoid the development of ailments. It is successfully used as a preparation for surgical or urogynecological operations, as well as after surgical intervention. Its scope is very wide, focused on many problems in the field of:


  • urinary incontinence
  • prostatectomy surgery (urinary incontinence, edema, postoperative scars
  • urgent pressure
  • pollakiuria
  • problems urinating
  • pain syndromes in women and men


  • disorders of the statics of the pelvic organs (lowering the anterior vaginal wall, lowering the uterus, rectocele, cystocele, enterocele)
  • condition after organ resection
  • endometriosis
  • fibroids
  • pelvic pain syndromes
  • vulvodynia
  • restibulodunia




  • fecal and/or gas incontinence
  • weakening of the anal sphincter
  • condition before and after surgeries
  • pain syndromes


  • dysparenia
  • perineal pain in women and men
  • vaginismus
  • voltage groups/li>
  • sexual dissatisfaction

In urogynecological physiotherapy, manual therapy of the pelvic floor muscles, pelvic ligaments, buttocks and other muscles is used according to individual indications for each patient. The therapy is supported by pelvic floor muscle training, respiratory and kinesiotaping.