Face & Neck Lifting and Drainage Massage

This is the original massage of physiotherapist Katarzyna Pruchniak.
As we get older our face and neck muscles, like all other muscles of the human body become weaker, more flabby, lose their tension, firmness and elasticity.
The corners of the eyes and mouth are lowered, so-called 'hamsters' develop (the cheeks lower, as the muscles holding the fat pads in this area lose their elasticity and volume) and a double chin is formed.
Like all systems, also the circulatory and lymphatic systems begin to fail (swelling and congestion occur). Dark circles and bags under the eyes are formed, swelling around the eyes, nasolabial folds and above the subclavian and subclavian folds.
Lifting and drainage massage of the face and neck is an anti-aging treatment dedicated especially to women over 40.




Using her many years of experience, the author-physiotherapist reaches deep layers of skin and muscles of the face and neck, stimulating them by hand in a non-invasive way and as well as aesthetic medicine treatments - effective. Massage improves circulation, unblocks lymph flow and eliminates swelling.Increased blood circulation causes cleansing of the skin from toxins, providing oxygen and nutrients. Deep massage stimulation stimulates collagen production.
Lifting and draining massage smoothes wrinkles, relaxes face and neck muscles, firms, tones the skin, shapes, improves the face contour, relaxes and soothes.
The massage lasts 45 minutes. To maintain the improved appearance, it is recommended to perform the massage once a week.
The times we live in demand from us to look young, attractive, energetic and be optimistic about life.
A cheerful and radiant face gives us a sense of confidence, makes us overcome challenges, enjoy life and be happy.
Come and experience it to yourself.